Pickup : 8:00 in the apartment
Duration of the tour:
8 hours
Seville-Cadiz journey :
Hour and 30 minutes
Return to Seville:

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Gadir, Tacita de Plata or Little Havana, due to its resemblance to Cuba, is considered the oldest city in the West. Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims passed through here. Seafaring city, the spark and grace of this land, bathed by the sea, will make you fall in love. Strolling through its historic center and savoring its rich cuisine will be an unforgettable experience. Visit the Plaza de las Flores, the traditional Abasto Market, its Cathedral with its golden tile dome and its picturesque neighborhoods (La Viña, Pescadores, Mentidero, Santa María and El Pópulo). At the end of the road, the sea awaits you. La Caleta beach is the most popular.



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